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Main Products:Aluminum profile Extrusion press+handing system+Finshed Saw +High Precision Hydraulic Pressure Saw+Chance Saw+Aluminum Bar heating furnace+Die Oven +Packing machine+Aging furnace

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      • die oven

        die oven

          Sort: Moulding Machine
          die oven for preheating the die before extruding. model :one heart ,two hearts ,three hearts ,four ...
      • packing machine

        packing machine

          Sort: Equipment for Packaging
          packing machine for aluminump profiles. packing material : film ,paper belt ,etc. speed adjustable
      • sticking machine

        sticking machine

          Sort: Extrusion equipment
          Film sticking machines for aluminum profiles. un and down ,left and right sticking. conveyor table...
      • heating furnce for bar

        heating furnce for bar

          Sort: Aluminum Ingot
          heating furnace for preheating the aluminum billet before extrude. heating some long billets one ti...
      • saw


          Sort: Cutting Equipment
          saw for cutting aluminum profiles. pneumatic and hydraulic sawing machine.
      • die furnace

        die furnace

          Sort: Industrial furnace
          die oven (one heart) heating 12 sets die one time.
      • corrector


          Sort: Extrusion equipment
          corrector for aluminum profiles
      • peeling machine

        peeling machine

          Sort: Extrusion equipment
          peeling machine for aluminum profiles
      • polish machine

        polish machine

          Sort: Polishing Equipment
          polishing machine for aluminum billets
      • aluminum bar mill furnace

        aluminum bar mill furnace

          aluminum profile equipment
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