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Aluminium profile extruder 1100UST

Aluminium profile extruder 1100UST
  • Product Name: Aluminium profile extruder 1100UST
  • Post Date: 2018/12/27
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Detailed Specifications

Aluminium profile extruder
1.Indirect Aluminum Extrusion Press Type: YW-1100UST IN

2.Hydraulic System Working Pressure: 21Mpa, Max. Extrusion Force: P=1000T

3.:165KWPower Rating: 165KW

4.Extrusion Press Outline Size and Relative Sizes: L18150×W13220×H4016mm, h=1140mmL2=1790mmW2=1680mm

5. : Extrusion Press Main Oil Cylinder and Front Platen Size: D=Φ760mmW3=450mm

6. Billet Size: Direct Extrusion D(Diameter) ≤Φ120,Indirect Extrusion D(Diameter) ≤Φ148,Billet Length L=200405mm


A: Solid aluminum ingot direct hot extrusion: (Billet Dia.:Φ120), profiles circumcircle max Dia. Φ100mm

B: Solid aluminum ingot indirect hot extrusion (Billet Dia.:Φ150): seamless size: Φ20Φ70, solid aluminum bar: Φ20Φ70 mm

8.Extrusion Speed: V=0­9.4mm/s

9.Container Oil Cylinder Size: DΦ140×dΦ100mm,Travel: L=250mm

10. Total Weight: 48T

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